About Us

The Sasa Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization nonprofit of development. It is born in Kinshasa, capital of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), at February 21, 2002. It is recognized by the Government of the DRC, by Ministerial Order No. 101 /CAB/MIN/ D/2006 of May 4, 2006, as a public utility institution.
It aims to improve, promote, protect, assist people in need and fight against all forms of exclusion.
To improve the conditions of these populations, the Foundation is active in the fields of education, training, health, culture, communication, urban planning and housing. How to achieve this?
1. Bringing our educational, medical and food support to these categories: poor children, malnourished, orphans, elderly, disabled and single mothers.
2. Dealing with young people, protecting them against smoking, alcoholism, promiscuity, Sexually Transmitted Illnesses, HIV/AIDS and delinquency. Therefore, organize for them formative, cultural, and sports activities.
3. Following children with educational problems and their incorporation into the society.
4. Establishing structures and reception infrastructures for populations in difficulty and adequate training.
5. Creating activities and jobs to facilitate the professional integration of young and disadvantaged adults in the work world.
6. Providing recreational facilities for youth associations and groups pursuing similar objectives for their blooming.
7. Offering ourselves as an intermediary between local communities – populations in difficulty and philanthropic, financial, governmental and nongovernmental, national and international organizations.
8. Organizing simposia, conferences, seminars, scientific forums training and awareness to social problems: intercultural dialogue, a human habitat, urbanization respecting nature and the environment and finally, the question of exclusion.